Bill Gates Quotes

  • I Will Always choose a Lazy Person to do a Difficult Job Because,He Will  Find an Easy Way to do it.
  • When You Have Money in hand,Only You Forget Who are you but when You do not have any money in your Hand,The Whole World Forget Who You are…It’s Life…!!
  • If You Born Poor it’s not Your Mistake,But if You Die Poor it’s Your Mistake.
  • As We Look Ahead into The Next Century,Leaders will be Those who Empower Others.
  • In this Business,By The Time You Realize You’re in Trouble,It’s Too Late to Save Yourself.Unless You’re Running Scared All The Time,You’re Gone.
  • If You Can’t Make it Good at Least make it Look Good.
  • I Can Understand Wanting to have a Million dollars but once You get Beyond that,I have to tell You,it’s the Same hamburger.
  • Often You Have to Rely On Intuition.
  • If Your Business is not on Internet,Then Your Business Will Be Out of Business.
  • I Failed in Some Subjects in Exam,but My Friend Passed in All. Now he is an Engineer in Microsoft and I am Owner of Microsoft.

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