These Things That Make Google Hot!

1. Google Glass: This is a device that looks like a spectacle and contains a hidden computer, a thumbnail-size transparent display screen above the right eye and other digital wizardry. The headgear which is also connected to the internet, allows users to receive mails, search and surf the web, scan maps for directions and engage in video chats without reaching for a smartphone.

2. Chrome book: The Chrome book is a Google developed web-based notebook, that promises to remain virus free, and comes equipped with super fast boot times. The Acer Chrome book, which is positioned as an entry level notebook is priced at about $200 and comes with a 16GB hard drive.

3. Google driverless cars: These are slated to be the next big thing in the world of cars. The idea is being currently tested in Nevada, Florida and California in the US. While Google has not announced any plans to commercialize these driverless cars, reports have said that the company may roll out the unmanned Robot-Taxi to ferry people.

4. Moto X Voice recognition: This product is being developed by the company’s mobile division and consists of the X8 mobile chip which will give the user an enhanced experience.

5. Google Balloons: This is Google’s solution to getting internet to countries that still struggle with low penetration. These balloons beam down internet.

6. Google Street view: The project which started 6 years back has now moved into full throttle, and now has many fun features including a panoramic imagery of various places around the world, and bringing them right to people’s desktops.

7. Android OS: The OS has taken the world by storm and is supposed to command over 80 per cent of the global smartphone market.

8. Google Smart watch: Like many others Google is also in the process of creating its own smart watch, a device which will connect with smartphones and carry out all phone functions. A landmark in the history of wearable technology.

9. Password alternatives: The company has now made major inroads into killing passwords completely and has announced its support for Fast Identity Online Alliance (Fido).

10. Google Fiber: The project launched in June this year aims to provide 1Gbps speed and has only been tested in Kansas on a pilot basis till now.